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From growing demand in the city of joy, to fundraising: a mobile teaching update

Mobile Kitchen continues to sell out in Kolkata

We are thrilled with the warm response that Mobile Kitchen has received this year in Kolkata, demand has been rising which has been motivating the women and project team. Join the team for a pre-Christmas & New Year's Eve bite in Salt Lake.

Dates: 23, 24, 26, 27, 30 & 31 December 2019

Time: 1 - 4pm

Venue: Salt Lake, BD Block, near Tank no. 4

The purpose of Mobile Teaching Kitchens

We launched a new animation to explain the purpose behind the 'Bhavishya Shakti' mobile teaching kitchen initiative in India and plans for the future, please share widely amongst your networks!

Fundraising continues

The Confluence Fundraising event

On 23 November 2019, the community of Cambridge and surrounding areas continued to gather to raise awareness of climate change as well as fundraise for the Mobile Teaching Kitchens.

Thank you to all the children, families and friends for participating. View pictures from the event here.

Fundraising will continue, to support Mobile Teaching Kitchens please click here.

Mobile Teaching Kitchen poster presentations win awards

Congratulations to members of the NNEdPro team who recently won the poster competition based on our Mobile Teaching Kitchen cognitive construct analyses at Cambridge Language Sciences Annual University Symposium 2019.

View poster abstracts here.

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