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Mobile Teaching Kitchen Cookbook

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You will be glad to hear, that even if an MTK is not nearby, we have collected the recipes they developed into a cookbook! This is just £9 and gives you access to 15 menus with 3 to 4 recipes per menu. By purchasing the book, your donation goes directly to supporting the MTK champions to continue their mission to help their community eat healthier.


This cookbook was created with the expertise of the ‘Bhavishya Shakti Co-operative Society’ and includes recipes from South Asian Lacto-vegetarian cuisine (with the use of eggs as an optional added item).

The co-operative's goals are to empower and educate marginalised communities through nutrition education, creating healthy food and passing messages to friends, family and customers. Every copy of this cookbook when sold, directly feeds back into these initiatives.


Below you can watch our champions preparing a couple of recipes from the Cookbook:

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