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10 Latest Updates from NNEdPro India

Mobile Teaching Kitchens were launched in February 2018

We are pleased to provide an update on the significant progress made in moving the NNEdPro Teaching Kitchen in Kolkata forward over the last six months up to February 2018, as well as other exciting news from India!

The latest project update covers:

  1. Pre-Launch Project Assessment Programmes

  2. Launch of Two Teaching Kitchen sites

  3. An Impact Acceleration Workshop

  4. Train-the-Trainers: Top-Up Training

  5. ‘See One-Do One-Teach One’ Teaching Kitchen Pilot Workshops in Urban slums

  6. Interactive Discussion – NNEdPro Teaching Kitchens: Next Steps & Sustainability

  7. Launch of the Mobile Teaching Kitchen for Health

  8. Read about I-KANN-25: A Case Study from India

  9. How to be a part of the #TeachingKitchensEmpower Project

  10. Launch of Flagship Project 6 – Impacting Wellbeing in Rural and Urban Communities

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