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MTKi UK – It is finally happening!

Authors: Wanja Nyaga, Sucheta Mitra and Matheus Abrantes

In a world where the choices we make about our diet have far-reaching consequences for our health and the planet, innovative solutions are needed to empower communities with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices. One such pioneering initiative is the 'Mobile Teaching Kitchen International' (MTKi), a multi-award-winning project launched by NNEdPro and its partners. At its core, MTKi aims to enhance the health and well-being of communities worldwide, with a particular focus on marginalised groups and those at risk of nutritional deficiencies.

From Kolkata to the World: Scaling Success

MTKi's journey began in Kolkata, India, where it quickly demonstrated its potential to create a lasting impact. MTKi has empowered individuals to take charge of their health and communities by providing culinary nutrition education and micro-enterprise opportunities. It's a beacon of hope, especially for those facing food insecurity and malnutrition.

What sets MTKi apart is its scalability and adaptability. Recognising the urgent need for such programmes globally, MTKi has expanded its reach to countries like Mexico, the United States, and, most recently, the United Kingdom. This expansion reflects the initiative's success and its commitment to reaching communities wherever they may be.

The UK Launch: A New Chapter in Nutrition Education

In a nation such as the UK, where dietary challenges are prominent, an initiative such as the MTKi is warmly welcomed. Critical discussions have been held with stakeholders, including Food Standards Scotland, to explore how this innovative approach can help address the nation's nutrition-related issues.

In April 2023, MTKi officially debuted in the UK with a soft launch event at the Cambourne Community Centre in Cambridgeshire. At this event, the public was introduced to the MTK concept and its transformative potential. More importantly, potential champions were recruited - individuals passionate about making a difference in their communities through nutrition education.

Fuelling the Future: Funding Phase 1

Funding is essential to fully realise the potential of MTKi in the UK and beyond. This is where innovation truly shines. MTKi is exploring creative avenues to raise the necessary funds for its expansion.

One exciting initiative is a series of ticketed culinary events scheduled between October and November 2023. These events promise a delightful culinary experience and a chance to contribute to a worthy cause. By participating, you're not just savouring delicious dishes; you're supporting a movement that empowers communities with the tools they need to lead healthier lives.

Join the MTKi Movement

MTKi isn't just an initiative; it's a movement driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to nutrition education and the opportunity to make healthier choices. Supporting MTKi contributes to a brighter, healthier future for individuals, families, and communities.

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