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Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative: Nurturing Food Citizens and Empowering Communities

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

July 20th - Learning Lab at the 2023 SNEB Conference

The Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative kicked off its exciting activities this month in the United States on July 20th with a Learning Lab at the 2023 Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Conference. The theme for the conference was 'Empowering Food Citizens,' and the Initiative took the opportunity to showcase its innovative approach to tackling food insecurity both in the US and internationally.

During the Learning Lab, participants delved into the application of the Mobile Teaching Kitchen as a powerful tool to address the pressing issue of food insecurity. With interactive demonstrations, insightful discussions, and practical insights, the session aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to impact food education and behaviour positively.

For the Q&A session, the room was filled with various exciting questions. Attendees wanted to know more about the Mobile Teaching Kitchen's reach and impact, how it addresses cultural differences in food habits, and its potential to be applied in diverse communities both in the US and internationally. The thoughtful answers from the Initiative's representatives further fuelled the audience's interest in the Initiative.

July 22nd - Training of DC Champions and Preceptors

On Saturday, July 22nd, the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative conducted its final training session for the dedicated DC champions and preceptors. These individuals underwent rigorous training to become proficient in preparing and teaching a diverse range of nutritious and delicious recipes.

The training included an array of mouth-watering recipes from different cultures, including Chana Sabzi on a Wheat Pancake, Chocolate Mousse with Blackberries, Spinach Cutlets & Green Chutney, Lentil Broccoli, Mushroom Tacos, Green Bean Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, and Tofu Fritto in Lettuce Cups. The combination of classic dishes from the US, India, and Mexico highlights the Initiative's commitment to promoting cultural diversity through food education.

As part of the learning, champions receive information on the nutritional value of the ingredients used in the recipes and their importance to the human body. The recipes are not only tasty but also nourishing.

July 22nd - MTK Culinary Experience

Later that same day, the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative hosted its first MTK Culinary Experience in the US. Participants at the event had the incredible opportunity to taste the meals prepared by the skilled DC champions and preceptors during their training sessions.

Apart from indulging in the delicious dishes, attendees had the chance to engage with the champions and preceptors, who shared their personal experiences and insights gained from being part of this transformative Initiative. The event also featured talks from the Initiative's leadership, providing a broader perspective on the project's goals and achievements.

July 23rd - Mindfulness Meditations

On Sunday, July 23rd, NNEdPro's chair led an inspiring session on Mindfulness Meditations to Start the Day. Attendees were encouraged to explore their 'IKIGAI' - their reason for being - and reconnect with their inner selves through guided mindful meditation. This session allowed participants to take a moment of introspection and mindfulness amidst the hustle and bustle of the activities. By nurturing their mental and emotional well-being, attendees were better equipped to continue their journey of empowering food citizens and fostering positive change within their communities.

July 23rd - Final day of the SNEB Conference

On the final day of the SNEB conference, NNEdPro's Chair, Prof Sumantra Ray presented at the Revitalizing Indigenous Food Systems: Fostering Inspiring Conversations to Honor and Sustain Traditional Foods and Cultures session, honouring our MTK champions and the tribal populations with whom we have the privilege of working along with Prof Nitya Rao and the UEA as well as NGOs in India.

Final words

The Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative has embarked on an impactful journey to tackle food insecurity and empower communities in the US and beyond. The Initiative is equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to make a difference in the world of nutrition education and behaviour.

As a result of that, our collaborator Nicole Farmer moderated a discussion on teaching kitchens on the 22nd of July at the SNEB conference, where during the Q&A, attendees, including Prof Sumantra Ray, were able to discuss the MTK.

As the Initiative continues to spread its wings, its mission of nurturing food citizens and fostering healthier societies remains at the forefront. By encouraging curiosity and diversity, the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative is unleashing the hidden potential within individuals to create a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

Here is a short video from the MTKi in India:


Thank you very much to all of you who visited our stand at the conference! It was amazing to know so many of you are interested in learning more about our initiative!

Stay tuned for further updates on the MTK Initiative in the US as we travel to NYC!

Check out our Flickr album for all the photos:

Special thanks to Matheus Abrantes, Sucheta Mitra, Tecla Coleman, Prof Sumantra Ray, Veronica Funk, Nikitah Ray, Wanja Nyaga, Jen Shamro, Rebecca Johnson, Prof Martin Kohlmeier, Sarah Armes, Harmanpreet Singh & the MTKi team for their efforts in making these activities possible!

Additional thanks to Dr Terri Stone from MedStar, Eloisa Trinidad from Chilis on Wheels, Lianna Levine Reisner from Plant Powered Metro New York, Dr Nicole Farmer from NIH and Dr Yenory Hernández from FAO / SNEB 2023 Conference Chair and President 2023-24 as well as SNEB's Executive Director, Rachel Daegar, for continuing support culminating in the DC MTK Culinary Experience Event!

We would also like to thank our preceptors and champions who made the MTK Culinary Experience possible: Scott Nichols, Dan Maunder, Katherine Burbank, Nour Alim, Ruth Kayongo, Maureen Schwart, Kara Wilcox and Cindy Munkhgerel.

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